Her Very Special Boss

This is my second book.

I always wanted to write a book set in Africa. I had already set up a possible scenario in my first book Dr Campbell’s Secret Son where the hero Jamie and Sarah go to Africa at the end of the book.

The setting I chose was a place I had lived with my husband when he worked in the Missionary Hospital- Jane Furse. I wasn’t working as I we had brought our seven week old daughter with us (much like Sarah and Jamie take their son)

I was really touched by the depth of poverty and the lack of medical provision. There were only four doctors for around five hundred beds (so that excluded the out patients and the out reach clinics. My husband worked such long hours I hardly saw him. The children’s ward with it’s lack of facilities and lack of people to cuddle the kids churned me up inside.

I remember thinking about a young doctor arriving in Africa for the first time and wondering what she had got herself into. I even saw her by the side of the road, up to her ankles in the red dust that seemed to get everywhere- and this is how the book starts.

I also wanted a hero that was damaged, physically as well as mentally. Greg lost his wife and daughter to a fire that left him badly scarred.

But of course, he needed a happy ending after and Kirsty was just the person to give it to him.

I love Africa. I love the place and I love the people. It really is an amazing country. I know characters are the most important part of the story, but I like to give them a setting that reflects their inner conflict. I hope I did that.


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