Her Motherhood Wish

August 2012

Olivia thinks she’s carrying her late husband’s baby – it’s like losing him all over again when there’s a mix-up at the IVF clinic. How can she be carrying a child that isn’t hers when she loves it as her own already? But meeting charming Dr David Stuart makes her wonder if she can still have the family she’s dreamed of…

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Reviews for Her Motherhood Wish

Review By rubcale
Thought provoking


“Part of a linked duo revolving around an IVF mix-up this is a powerful but also disturbing novel on a contentious subject. Although the romance element was good the medical issue became the focus of the plot and it evolved into a page turner as I couldn’t wait to see how it would be resolved.

The characters were well defined and likeable and the emotions which Olivia had to go through were excellently portrayed. Obviously the sympathies lay with Olivia who was devastated on finding out the baby she was carrying was not her husbands but personally mine were split right down the middle because as I felt the actual father had to have a great deal of consideration too.

One downside was that while Olivia’s first husband was freely mentioned there was never any comparison between her feelings for him and the hero. A thought provoking and topical novel.

Ten out of ten

Review By Lucy Perkins

Favourite duo


“Really enjoyed this book.  Felt as if this story was a little slow to start and would have liked Olivia to find out she was carrying the wrong baby a bit sooner.  The letters to the baby were a particularly nice touch and brought a tear to the eye!”


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