About me

I was born in Scotland but left to live in  South Africa when I was eight. When I was seventeen I returned to Scotland, first to the Western Isles and then, after a series of jobs, to Edinburgh where I trained as a nurse.

After I qualified I travelled for a while before taking a post in Glasgow. After a couple of years I decided to go to university and just before I left nursing,  I met my husband, a hospital doctor. Four years of commuting between Aberdeen and Glasgow followed and as soon as I graduated we married and set off for Australia where he worked as a locum and I was his driver/navigator.

When our daughter was seven weeks old we left for rural Africa (see Her Very Special Boss which was based on our experiences) where my husband was one of only three doctors in a five hundred bedded hospital.

I worked in the health sector for many years when the children were small, including children’s services and an IVF clinic. I started writing when I gave up work to look after our two children- and the rest as they say is history.

We still travel whenever we can and our daughters have followed the family tradition working in Africa, Thailand, China, the Ukraine. Unsurprisingly most of my stories are set in countries I have visited and the medical scenarios are always drawn from real life experiences!



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