My writing journey continued

Eventually I hear from Mills and Boon. They like my writing but a have two potential heroes (the mistake I was pointing out) and only one is medical. Not knowing that a full page of comments is a good thing, I’m devastated. I have been rejected! I will never be a writer.

But I’m stubborn. And someone tells me that a page of comments is a ‘good thing’ so, a little disbelievingly, I re-write the first three chapters and send them off again.  Weeks, or was it months? pass and eventually I receive a reply. The writing has suffered from too much re-writing but they still like my style. Why don’t I start again and re- submit?

Once again, I’m demoralised and put the letter in a drawer. Writing is too difficult. In the meantime, I start writing something else completely. A crime novel. Perhaps I’m no good at romance? Maybe I should reveal my dark side?

More tomorrow.


About Anne Fraser

Medical Romance Author
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